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Dirty Bomb - Ember FireCannon
Dirty Bomb - Ember FireCannon

This was a weapon I created but wasn't released.

Concept provided by Andrew Porter

Ember has a unique weapon called “Fire Cannon” (the image above is over heated). It is a newly designed weapon that is supposed to be as devastating as a flamethrower and handy as a shotgun. The weapon will make use of a modified type of shotgun ammunition. The pellets get ignited when leaving the barrel (see Wolfenstein II). Ember can be damaged by the resulting fire just like any Merc, so there is a trade-off to using the weapon in close quarters.

Players that are hit by the Fire Cannon will be set on flames. Pellets hitting another surface will explode and spawn fire on the ground (like the Molotov). This functionality is either a nice side effect when shooting enemies or a way to deny access to specific areas (similar to the Molotov).

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